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The fastest exchange for cryptocurrencies (12.09.2018)

The focus of this blog post is speed. First, which is the fastest exchange. Then, what cryptocurrency can offer the the quickest transaction times. I will then purchase using an instant exchange. Throughout this blog, interesting cryptocurrencies have been invested in to create a portfolio. The running portfolio for this blog will be summarised and fastest cryptocurrency added.

1. The fastest exchange I decided to base this decision on 4 criteria; 1) No login as this slows the process for completing an exchange, increases user adoption and reduces security risks. This is a primary criteria for these reasons to being the fastest exchange. 2) Number of user actions. I have looked at the steps on each site and separated them into each action a user needs to take to exchange from any one currency to the another (including click, scroll, and paste address). I felt that although not absolutely necessary, would be an interesting criteria to reduce time making it the fastest exchange. 3) Any sta…

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